Updating office 2016 lisnece

Microsoft made massive changes in Office 2016 for Windows but has hidden most of the changes beneath a reassuringly familiar-looking surface.

With the new version, the world's most-powerful and widely used office application suite leaves its online and desktop-based competition even further in the dust, especially in its convenient and deeply integrated collaboration features.

The big changes appear when you start editing collaboratively in Word, Power Point, and One Note, with two or more users editing the same document simultaneously and optionally exchanging text, voice, or video chat via Skype, with the Skype functions accessible directly from the document.

The new features get even more elaborate when you start working with other team members using timesaving Group functions built into Outlook.

Microsoft is the most widely used productivity software suite.

Your organization likely uses Office 2013 or a current version.

You can see my receipt right there, in the screenshot below. The tl;dr of Microsoft is often the same: the hassles you go through in an attempt to do what should have been a very simple process. Look at that "Thank you for your order" screenshot carefully. Clicking Done resulted in the installer launching Word, with a nice blue intro screen. I dutifully typed in my email address and then cut and pasted my password.

A prompt showed up asking if I wanted to use my Office account or my company account.

If nothing is specified, you are in the Current Channel.

If you don’t have this section at all, you are using an MSI-based installation.

As always with Microsoft Office, it's vastly better than anything else out there, and only a few advanced users will find odd corners of inconvenience that Microsoft hasn't bothered to fix.

So far only available to Microsoft Office 365 subscribers, traditional buyers of standalone perpetual license versions of Office will have to wait until an unspecified date to buy Office 2016, but Office 365 subscribers will be offered the option to upgrade immediately.

Unfortunately, while the university has an Office 2011 for Mac license, they haven't yet updated to Office 2016 for Mac, which will probably be sometime this fall. You don't have to read all of this if you don't want. The result was a downloaded installer package, which I then ran.