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“If you and I can make it, I think that just completes it. This weekend, Stenhouse will be in Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400.

He can go to the Clauson-Marshall Racing shop in Fishers and see Tim.

The athlete, 40, added: "Looking forward to the rest of my life with this amazing girl." PHOTOS: 2015 celebrity weddings Earnhardt Jr.

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Clauson’s fiancée, Lauren Stewart, and his sister, Taylor, were there. The Clausons were the first to go to bed, so the rest of the group moved to Larson’s motor home.So was Stenhouse’s girlfriend and fellow NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, NASCAR driver Kyle Larson and his girlfriend, Katelyn Sweet.“I think it’s important that we’re all together,” Tim Clauson recalls Stenhouse saying. We all, as his friends, we all want you to be there.”Clauson still wasn’t convinced, but the next morning Diana Clauson said she wanted to see all of this. Stewart told Stenhouse about the whole weekend, from Clauson’s accident in Kansas, to him being airlifted to Nebraska, to the moment they found out he was an organ donor. It was in the morning.“In that moment,” Stewart said, “I knew Bryan and Ricky’s friendship was something really, really special.”In the year since Clauson’s death last August, Stenhouse drove the pace lap in Clauson’s car at those Knoxville Nationals, he and Larson wore tribute helmets during the NASCAR Cup Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway, and Stenhouse thanked Clauson after his first NASCAR Cup win, at Talladega Superspeedway this May.In fact, Vinnie Paul hosts a weekly Rock Band competition.Next [pagebreak] Mary's Club Visit this neon landmark for its vintage blacklight murals, hot nude girls, and relaxed, holein-the-wall vibe.You really run to the physical grip of the tire in the car all the time. You just try to get around him as fast as possible, while he does everything he can to keep from wrecking the car underneath him. When I was young I was a lot more reckless out on the highway than I am now. I think at one point, Killer was selling more T-shirts than I was. Your team, your family, everybody's calling on the phone. Winning the All-Star race as a rookie was incredible. I don't think we, even in our wildest dreams, imagined that we were going to win the event. That was an incredible feeling of accomplishment for me. He didn't really give you a lot of time and didn't sit down with you all that much. But once, he sat me down and talked to me about drugs and school. That’s why my father would always remind us of how important it was for us—and him—that we finish school. He was always really concerned that we might fall into the wrong crowd and get mixed up in drugs and things like that. He’d shake a fist at me if I didn’t do something exactly right, but he wasn’t really a teacher. It was great when I was driving and I could physically see his car. If I’d known the opportunity to be around him would be so short, I’d have done things differently, asked more questions.

There were nights when we would sit in the living room and he would be in the La-Z-Boy watching TV, and you couldn't get him to answer a question. I guess all fathers probably have this conversation. We had short conversations, but they were weighted. But, living in the moment, you just do everything you can to make him proud.A lot of guys, I think it would be important to run on the treadmill and have some endurance. The best drivers think about it all day and stay in constant communication with their team about how to get better. The car gets really hot, 120 to 130°, so you lose about eight pounds of water weight each race. We’re going so fast, it’s dangerous, and you don’t know what moves a guy’s going to make next."This is one of those places that has everything," says Texas stripper Susan Wayward."Any type of girl you want, they have." The Clubhouse was also a favorite spot for members of Pantera.Southern California strip-club connoisseur Z-Bone rates this the No. There are 50 or so clubs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but as a two-time winner of Exotic Dancer Magazine's Nude Club of the Year, Clubhouse is the best.