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The extended Simpson clan took advantage of the fun weekend for some pool time and good eats at the restaurant Norma's -- where Simpson noshed on an omelette.

During 20 he starred in The Loop, as a young professional trying to balance the needs of his social life with the pressures of working at the corporate headquarters of a major U. Later in 2007, he became the star of The CW series, Reaper as Sam Oliver. Harrison's character appears throughout Season 2 (2011) as an evolutionary biologist and eventual member of the counter-visitor resistance.

Reaper was canceled on May 19, 2009, after two seasons. Harrison starred as Jerry in a short film titled Cost of Living co-starring Brandon Routh.

Harrison appeared in five That '70s Show episodes as Charlie Richardson, a character that was intended to be a replacement for departing cast member Topher Grace but the character was soon killed off when Harrison decided to work on another series. In addition, Harrison also starred in the movie Deal, which was released in the US on April 26, 2008. It was canceled following the second season in 2007.

He had a dramatic guest role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Sam Cavanaugh, a young victim of sexual abuse.

Until then, he's living life like a normal 23-year-old, studying English at TCNJ.

with Adam Brody; the two are actually in a band together, Big Japan, which performs and records sporadically due to their unpredictable schedules.

Jessica's sister, Ashlee, and pregnant bestie, Ca Cee Cobb, were wedding guests.#trashywithkathy.") At our count, Jessica has been in at least five different weddings in recent years, including Cobb's in December and the now-divorced Ashlee's in 2008." data-reactid="50"Jessica is certainly in high demand when it comes to being a bridesmaid, a gig women often find taxing for a variety reasons ― some of which include having to wear traditionally unflattering dresses and dropping a lot of cash on bridal showers and bachelorette festivities.

(Sykora's bachelorette bash, which took place in Las Vegas, sounds like it was wild ...

-- she was somehow able to remain relatable as an over-stressed mother of three while totally nailing the "neighborhood hot mom" thing.

Since the show ended in 2005, Price has had a pretty successful career.

She followed this show up with some voice work on Thanks to Griffin Frazen, we always had a bit of a crush on Jimmy Finnerty.