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The soft dome tweeter is refined beyond its price class and the twin wood-fibre mid/bass units sound unexpectedly civilised, yet can really shake the room.

So why is the distiller’s biggest customer now the Burnley Miners Social Club in Lancashire?

Well, it has something to do with the Great War and the drink’s alleged soothing abilities. The history of the Benedictine is as rich as its colossal taste.

Benedicitine is one of the world’s oldest liqueurs.

Made with a blend of 27 herbs and spices, it was in vogue during the Belle Epoque, post-Absinthe-crazy Paris, and lascivious opium dens of Edwardian London.

A video model, also called hip-hop honey or hip-hop model, is a female model that appears in all hip-hop orientated video clips.

The ones you see all the time on MTV for example or every music channels passing hip-hop, R&B music, those are video models.

The professionals within this department will be looking for curvy, sexy, “attractive-provocative” face and body.

To become a video model, you must get in touch within the movie/music industry, send your portfolio, you will also most probably need to add a video clip to show your “moves”.

The main goal of these models is to show off their curvy beautiful body and face in order to please the viewers. Many of the video models, often already were actors, singers, dancers or professional models.

However, if you aren’t already part of this universe, this does not mean you haven’t got what it takes. As you may already know, becoming a video model requires a high self-confidence, since you will be playing the role of the “fantasy girl”, you must be willing to be this “hot girl” satisfying the public eye. In this modeling category, the goal is mostly to satisfy the men’s market, which means being skinny with a beautiful face isn’t enough.

After I was done he sent me on my way with a couple of bread rolls and €20 in my pocket for me to “buy some good food with”. Acts of kindness like this make a monumental difference and really highlight why cycle touring is such a great way to experience and interact with the places you visit. When travelling though Fécamp I started chatting to a group of tricking BMXers.