and liquidating Twitter avatars not updating

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I uploaded one, but it wasn't quite the one I wanted (plus it rotated it for some reason)... It shows that I uploaded a new picture successfully, but it won't change.

How do I update the small icons/thumbnails for my social networks in Hoot Suite (and on the Hootlet)?

And in that regard, one thing you can always count on when formatting a photo for Twitter is that a large square image can always be cropped down to a small square image – the format that Twitter uses. So start large and use the following dimensions as guidelines for how many ways your profile image will be displayed.

When you log-on to Twitter, you won't see dozens of images as you do on Facebook and Pinterest.

***Only applicable to the Standard writer's interface*** When using the Content Studio, it is not necessary to update Twitter avatars - they are always current.

However, In the original writer's interface, avatars may need to be manually updated. The mood you set in your profile photo can set the tone for your entire feed.To that end, you've got to create the right sized image or you're effectively sabotaging yourself with a stretched and pixelated profile photo that’s no better than the default Twitter egg.You can either update your local cache the next time you request the user’s information, or, at least 5 seconds after uploading the image, ask for the updated URL using GET users / show. Must be a valid GIF, JPG, or PNG image of less than 700 kilobytes in size.Images with width larger than 400 pixels will be scaled down.But that's part of the power behind Twitter anyway -- it puts messages front and center.