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The cities we serve include Polk City, Kathleen, Lakeland, Bartow, Mulberry, Homeland, Ft. Our mission is to serve the churches of the South Florida Baptist Association. in Theology from The Baptist College of Florida, M. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and has his D. Ashley Johnson serves as Financial Secretary in the office.We work together to see the lost in Polk County come to know Christ. They have three children, Porter, Lydia, and Clara. Min from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is married to Dakota Johnson (Youth Pastor at FBC Imperial Lakes). In her spare time she enjoys fishing and spending time with family.The South Florida Baptist Association began in 1867. Matt is married to his wife of 22years, Shauna, and has five wonderful kids (Scott, Madison, Tyler, Lauren, and TJ).Originally, we stretched from Tampa to Daytona and down to the Florida Keys and were the southernmost association in Florida. Matt has served as our Missions Development Director since January 2015. He graduated from The Baptist College of Florida in Graceville, Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Southeastern University with a Master of Education in Teaching and Learning.The lots fronted on Adelia at the corner of the thoroughfare now known as Fruitville Road.

Construction began the next year with Until the nineteen-twenties the Catholics in the area numbered 13 or 14 families.Each time their hardware matches, its turned in for a new set of hardware and each person gets another raffle ticket for great prizes donated by local businessesor maybe even a date?Judging from the popularity of the events (attendance has doubled at each new gathreing) this formula for love seems to be working.Coming to the Mission Church was an especially lengthy and arduous trip for many families because of difficulties in travel.The exterior was not completed for two years because of the lack of funds and it was not until 1919 that the interior could receive attention.God has given Barry a burden for the nations of the world and a passion to serve God through local missions.