Asterisk dns not updating

The reason to test their servers directly is that your new records might not have been propagated yet to other name-servers.

The second parameter to "host" is NOTE: If you still get for the new api subdomain, continue waiting and then test again.

The primary full computer name, an FQDN, is based on the primary DNS suffix of a computer,appended to its computer name.

This is designed so that if a change to the IP address information occurs, corresponding updates in DNS are performed to synchronize name-to-address mappings for the computer.

The DNS Client service performs this function for all network connections on the system, including connections that are not configured to use DHCP.

By default, computers that are statically configured for TCP/IP attempt to dynamically register host (A) resource records and pointer (PTR) resource records for IP addresses that are configured and used by their installed network connections.

By default, all computers register records based on their fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

Hello, I've setup DNS to my droplet, with a wildcard CNAME, as explained in the tutorial ( https:// ) and it works fine.

Now I'd like to connect a specific sub-domain to a different Droplet/IP. However, this didn't work, or I have not configured it correctly in the Digital Ocean's DNS page.

Domain Name System (DNS) client computers can use dynamic update to register and dynamically update their resource records with a DNS server whenever changes occur.

This reduces the need for manual administration of zone records, especially for clients that frequently move or change locations and use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to obtain an IP address.

Move the cursor over the concerned domain and click on Manage on the right. Select the DNS zone profile in the Zone Profile dropdown menu in the bottom of the page.

If you encounter an error message, you will need to ... Move the cursor over the concerned domain and click on Manage on the right.

In the Digital Ocean Control Panel, Click Networking.