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Can the two put their differences aside and find some middle ground for the sake of their child? Twice a year the park closes for a week for routine maintenance. I will be updating this soon so look for a new chapter soon, I am so sorry i know most of my fans have now given up reading it haha. This is a Jacob/Bella Fan Fic But starts with Edward/Bella. Cody is dating Raw Diva Eve, but he has an eye for a certain Smackdown blonde Diva.Missy has no vacation planned and as it turns out, neither does Owen. Kelly who happens to be dating Nexus leader Wade Barrett and can't stand Cody, but there's a fine line between love and hate. Its going to take a lot for John to fit in ever since no one listens to his side of the story.James then confessed her unfaithfulness to Doane in a dramatic episode. She was checking to see if it was on the net yet," Doane recalls. The once-promising grappler languished throughout his duration on the blue brand and was ultimately dismissed in November 2008.

But who is watching the pair, just waiting for his chance to strike? What happens when friends and realtionships crash, will they suvive or will everything fall apart. Eve/Cody/Kelly/Wade WWE makes a love triangle between Miz/Kelly/Randy. But can this one person help show them that he is the kind of sweet guy she sees in him or will she just agree with everyone else.

Little did they know that a STORYLINE would affect their actual lives. He is ready to fight for their love, but they are too afraid to show it. Kelly Kelly has wanted one thing in her five year career: A championship. How will she deal with the evil twins, betrayal of a lover, and a secretive best friend, all while keeping her focus on the title?

"I made mention of him sleeping with MJ and he probably thought I wouldn't say anything. He responds, "What they do is their biz, but it's also mine when it effects my career and life." Doane proclaimed several times to his followers that he is being honest with all of his statements as he has no reason to lie.

Now that he's settled with another career, he doesn't care whether he's blackballed from WWE. "Truthfully I do like john, but if u ask me a question im gonna answer it truthfully.

she always makes me laugh, and she is probably one of the nicest people here on YT and oyeah because i love her video's! Orton Cena Hardy Chick had made a video with this song, and i loved it so i really wanted to make one for mickie&randy, so credit for the song to chelsey if im not mistaking, Storyline; Allthough mickie&randy arent dating anymore, mickie has to know one thing, randy will always be there for her, doesnt matther where she is!

After weeks of turmoil surrounding the top contender’s role, Randy Orton and A J Styles fight in Tuesday night main event to determine which Superstar would headline Wrestle Mania against Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship. After the match, Mickie James blasted Bliss with a kick to the delight of the crowd.

After Randy figures out how poorly Miz treated Kelly he decides to confess his true feelings towards her. Also featuring Ted, Maryse, Cody, Michelle, Zack and Eve. Kelly was a final year student in hope to make her middle class family life better. Johns engaged to a women he has to marry but what happens when his quest to annoy another women becomes something more than an amusing time filler ; OC/John Cena/ Mickie James ; also a hint of randy with a diva, not picked who yet though Aponi/Amy lives with her adopted Native American Family.

When these two fell in love and decides to get married,can they stay united despite their status? When she comes of age to marry a Strong and mysterious War Chief comes to claim her. John/Mickie Two-Shot for John Cena RKOfanforever Mark Calaway's world is rocked when his infidelity catches up with him. Taker, Rk O, SCSANeither were willing to give love another chance especially after what they had endured, but following an evening of two atrocious blind dates, that all suddenly changed. Mickie & Miz Justin Gabriel is the Crown Prince of his country. Justin is looking for a bride, Kelly's uncle wants him to marry Kelly. *Pl Z READ*Randy and John take a little trip to ECW's December to Dismember.

How will this affect their soon to be storyline and will Randy's plan work? AU/OOCEve Torres joined the WWE expecting to wrestle, make friends and entertain. This story does not really follow WWE storylines and will contain a mixture of both real names and ring names!

WWE writer, Peyton Morey and WWE superstar, Joe Anoa'i have never got on, but after getting pregnant after a one night stand. Bella's life changed completely with family secrets she finds out that include... Love has it's ways, and its trying them on the young diva. With failed relationships, one-night stands, and close friendships will she ever find love.

The Viper fight back into the match, delivering a Full Nelson Slam that nearly scored him the victory.