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In 2011, a Saudi court sentenced a woman to 10 lashes for her attempt to drive, and in 1990 large scale protests led to dozens of arrests.

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The protest will involve Saudi women with international driving licenses getting behind the wheel and daring the authorities to stop them.

This is not the first attempt at civil disobedience against the ban.

As British prime minister, David Cameron visits Saudi Arabia today, activists report the plight of a man arrested by the religious police who may face corporal punishment.

Activists are concerned for the safety of a 30-year-old man arrested by the religious police in Saudi Arabia for using Facebook to date other men.

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The Torah has made references to Al-Hijr as well the Quran in connection to Prophet Saleh.

According to UNESCO, the site also initially known as Hegra is the largest conserved site of civilization of the Nabataeans, south of Petra in Jordan.

For instance, majorities in Lebanon (71%) and Turkey (64%) say that the Saudi government does not respect the rights of its people.