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Well I guess I should tell you how great and wonderful I am.

But really I am an easy going very down to earth person who enjoys anything to do with the outdoors.

“There’s a full open kitchen, you get a private room, it’s more of a community living space.” Luckily for America and Penelope, their mom enjoys the Airbnb experience.

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Cruising down Lincoln Park Ave in Lincoln Heights, California, you may feel the urge to cover your ears to mute the thunderous roar of a motorcycle’s exhaust. That’s just the Lopez sisters — Twins, hog-riders, app developers, and Airbnb hosts — storming down the ave. “We like the sense of freedom.” Penelope, and her twin sister America, are Latinas that began hosting on Airbnb three years ago to help out their parents, who emigrated to America when the sisters were young.

“Our mom and dad bought this house during the housing bubble,” says America.

Since our parents were always working, we too worked hard to pay the bills.” And now the duo’s hard work has expanded the family’s financial pie.

“Things are so much better now that we can share our home through Airbnb,” says America in the report. “We love working together to solve challenges.” America and Penelope are both currently computer science majors, and are very active in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) circuit — none of which is cheap.

Reminders of the past include baronial shields in the wood-panelled dining room and the formal terrace overlooking all 108 acres of rolling woodland.

200-year-old landscaped gardens designed by Humphry Repton immediately surround the hotel and are an attraction in their own right.

“And when the bubble burst, we needed a way to cover the mortgage, so we looked into Airbnb and have been doing it ever since.” “We get all types of folks who book,” says Penelope.

“We get people here for quirkier trips, like anime conferences, Korean pop shows, or maybe short-term visits like a job interview,” she says.

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