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One problem I had was the Cisco Any Connect VPN Client (version 2.5.2014) that I use to remotely connect to one of my customer’s networks was suddenly unable to connect after the upgrade.

When trying to connect, I got an error saying only: Any Connect was not able to establish a connection to the specified secure gateway. In Windows Event Viewer, I also saw several critical errors for the VPN client, the most descriptive of which was: Googling the error message and the description from event viewer, I came across these two discussion threads that seem to be talking about the same problem I was having (only for Windows 8). forum=windowsdeveloperpreviewgeneral Hoping that the information would also apply to Windows 10, I decided to follow the suggestions.

Before you configure the Zscaler service and the firewall, open a support ticket to provision the public source IP address.

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If your organization wants to forward more than 200 Mbps of traffic, Zscaler recommends you configure more IPsec VPN tunnels as needed.

For example, if you organization forwards 400 Mbps of traffic, you can configure two primary VPN tunnels and two secondary VPN tunnels.

The information in this guide applies to small-to-medium businesses that must deliver reliable remote access to their networks.

When you configure remote VPN access to your network resources, you can use the same set of credentials that you use to access the network when at work: a network user name and password. Business cards or documentation often include user names, for example.

Introduction Smart Card Technologies Smart Card Logon for Remote Access VPN Scenario Summary Advances in communication technologies, driven by the need to keep costs down and stay competitive in an expanding marketplace, enable organizations not only to maintain communication channels 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but also to provide connectivity to business data and services from remote locations.

The Internet provides organizations and individuals with the ability to use computers to communicate and share data throughout the world, providing such benefits as accessibility, scalability, performance, and a reduction in business-related costs.

Lin OTP is licensed under AGPLv3 for the server components and GPLv2 for the native GUI and command line tools.

Lin OTP is also open as far as its modular architecture is concerned.

They are also susceptible to trial-and-error attacks.

If third parties become aware of your user name, then your password remains the only security mechanism safeguarding your corporate network.

If your organization processes 600 Mbps of traffic, you would configure three primary VPN tunnels and three secondary VPN tunnels.