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Unfortunately, the great Frozen couple is not doing well and Elsa wants to leave Jack.

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A closer look at the unemployment [nearly 10 percent unemployment rate] suggests that minimum wage laws also deserve a big share of the blame….businesses are not charities and that they only create jobs when they think a worker will generate net revenue.

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However, some places might only offer male condoms.Female condoms are available free to 13-24 year olds on the C-Card scheme.The Dodd bill would push the government into the business of dictating the terms at which consumers and businesses can contract.This has nothing to do with protecting consumers and everything to do with replacing consumer preferences with bureaucrats’ choices.You can buy female condoms from pharmacies, supermarkets, websites, mail order catalogues, vending machines in some public toilets and some petrol stations.

If you buy condoms online, make sure you buy them from a pharmacist or other legitimate retailer.

…the government has used regulatory and political pressure to force banks and other government-controlled or regulated private entities to make loans they would not otherwise make and to reduce lending standards so more applicants would have access to mortgage financing…

the CRA was used to pressure banks into making loans they would not otherwise have made and to adopt looser lending standards that would make mortgage loans possible for individuals who could not meet the down payment and other standards that had previously been applied routinely by banks and other housing lenders...

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What began as a simple garden centre has grown to become a larger garden centre with a much larger display greenhouse and country market.