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"No information or indictment was ever filed by the state and the statute of limitations for this offense expired on Oct. Court records said the officer arrested Walton based on her performance in field-sobriety tests.Walton told Davis she has an injured leg and couldn't perform balance tests under any circumstances.

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Monday and charged with shoplifting .22 worth of merchandise, according to a report from Chamblee police. Payne was the subject of a 2013 documentary film, "The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne," that detailed her feats.In an interview with The Associated Press last year, she casually acknowledged, "I was a thief." She's well-known in fine-jewelry circles, and authorities say she has pocketed expensive jewels from stores around the world.ATLANTA (AP) — A notorious jewel thief with an illicit career spanning six decades has been caught stealing again, but she wasn't after sparkly gems this time, police near Atlanta say.Doris Payne, 86, was arrested at a Walmart store around 5 p.m.I would not have denied him to go help his dad as his dad is also the only dad I have on Earth and I loved him as such.

I would try to go see him at the store he was working at, but never could get in to see him.. I should have realized something but guess very naive and I too was very distraught from his Mom's death as she was truly my best friend....married over 30 yrs and trusted him... found out by talking to other employees he was seeing the female (harlot from Proverbs) and things were happening between them as she did a lot of talking.The EEOC added: “The Commission found that the Walmart healthcare plan had “categorically excluded coverage of any services for ‘transgender treatment/sex therapy’, denying [her] medically necessary care that would have been covered if not for transgender status.As such, [Walmart]’s policy discriminated based on sex as well as against transgender individuals as a class, in violation of Title VII.” Walmart says it has since “removed the categorical exclusion for services related to ‘trangende treatment /sex therapy’,” as of the start of this year.Her attorney, Drew Findling, noted that this case is different."This is a sharp contrast to all the cases in the past.We're not talking about high-end jewelry," he said.Wal-Mart heiress gets Texas DWI arrest expunged after prosecutors decline to press charges BENTONVILLE, Ark.