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At the time, I didn’t understand why a simple question would get that reaction, a couple of weeks later, I found out why." Becoming increasingly suspicious, Sarah and her partner started placing a shoe behind their bedroom door when they left in the mornings. We assumed they might have been using our ensuite but just wanted to make sure." So, the couple finally took matters into their own hands, setting up a camera in their bedroom. The footage showed the housemates had both been sneaking into their bedroom. " "We picked up two new toothbrushes and went home.The woman, helping herself to Sarah's hair and face products, the man sneaking in and seemingly rubbing their toothbrushes against his genitals. I just asked nicely if there was anything he wanted to say to us.He was bright red — like a tomato — then I just went off.

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What the f***." "I grabbed our old toothbrushes and went back down and said if you have an obsession, here you go and I threw them at the floor in front of him... we moved out a day later." The internet is rife with similar stories and equally with suggestions on how to "catch" your roommates when you suspect they are snooping.