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One of the nine men, Mohammed Sajid (35), of Jephys Street, Rochdale, said to have worked at a Nelson cash and carry, was jailed for 12 years after he was convicted of conspiracy, sexual activity with a child, rape and trafficking.Earlier in the trial, the jury was ordered to find him not guilty of one rape charge.12/05/2017 Norman Thompson, a former sea scout leader from Wigton, Cumbria, was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment at Carlisle Crown court today for indecent assaults committed against seven victims.

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, witches have become a central part of our collective unconscious.Witches in popular culture still represent otherness and an untamed feminine will, as they have done historically, but in a way seemingly removed from the terrors of Salem and the infamous witch hunts of Mathew Hopkins in Caroline England.Links for Genealogy sites will be below the family background. There is also another resource created to assist with fact checking for these families called High Sheriff's of Cheshire.Many of the old families of Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire can trace their ancestries back to the Norman Conquest of North Chesire Historic Society:,_Lancashire Alphabetical Order: PLEASE.* If you add, please cite sources.

The Acker family of Little Moreton, Congleton An old Anglo-Saxon surname, referring to a plot of arable land, deriving from the old English pre-7th Century word "aecer", meaning a ploughed field or cultivated land, which became "acker" (or 'acre') in Middle English.Their names effectively echo the long history of the region and are imprinted in districts and townships whose streets and placenames record their passing.These families dramatically impacted the history of Europe; they were kingmakers, stewards of England, descendants of the Plantagenet and Tudor kings, Crusaders, castle builders and much more.Many of their descendants immigrated to the New World and were founders of important colonial families.Where descendants have emmigrated to other countries, I have included only the emmigrant and no further, as their stories would exceed the purpose of this project.08/08/2017 Eleven defendants from Manchester have been convicted of the homicide of 18-year-old Abdul Wahab Hafidah in Manchester's Moss Side in May 2016 after he strayed into an area said to be ‘territory' of a particular gang.