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I never thought to use condoms as I had gone through the menopause and I certainly didn’t think my new partner slept around.”The rise among saucy seniors bucks the overall decline in STIs.Passionate pensioners received no sex education at school and the invention of the Pill in 1961 made condoms unfashionable.

Mr Wadsworth - an award-winning DJ who presented shows with his wife on BBC Radio Leicester and Birmingham-based BBC WM - was found guilty of indecent assault because of his role as an "early-warning system" for his partner.

On one occasion, the court heard, an alleged victim was "spooked" by Mr Wadsworth standing nearby with a camera around his neck.

Experts have put it down to an increase in people being widowed or divorced as well as a lack of sex education.

Viagra, online dating, longer lifespans and the decreased use of condoms are other factors.

– has developed between the Queen and Prince Philip and their most loyal subject in the press corps.

Who exactly is the graceful lady who has reigned over us for 60 magnificent years?With all due modesty, few who can answer with more authority than me, Talbot Church – "the man the Royals trust", as the newspapers insist on calling me.1 The first words the infant Elizabeth would have heard were "Is it a boy or a girl?", said by her father, the future George VI.2 For constitutional reasons, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Cabinet Secretary were present in an adjoining room.3 The future Queen's nickname was Lizbet or Lil.4 "Even at the age of one, she had what I call 'royal manners'," one of her first nannies, Nanny Wilkins, once revealed.5 Her favourite subjects, according to one governess, were drawing and animal stories.6 There was never any question of the young Lizbet and Baba (as Princess Margaret was known) not being brought up as if they were part of a normal family.During the trial, it emerged that two groups of victims contacted police after a complainant realised two years ago that what had taken place in the 1990s "was not right and not appropriate".The victim, who cannot be named, told jurors he met the Wadsworths in parkland and only discovered their names after recognising their voices on a radio show.Helping people send money around the world is what we do best here at UKForex.