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But the former so-called "teflon man" has also received an increasing amount of criticism for his treatment of Spears, whom he dated for three years.That criticism culminated in a widely-circulated Buzzfeed article on Aug.Alternative therapies and fertility Can alternative therapies help you to conceive?

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Janet and Wassim have chosen Eissa Al Mana for their new arrival.

It has a special meaning – ‘Eissa’ is a variant of ‘Isa’, an Arabic form of the name Jesus.

Burbank, California If you thought Janet Jackson's Super Bowl nipple flash launched a religious revival in Washington, wait until the government gets hold of the movies.

Conservative Congressman Mike Pence (R, IN) slipped a provision imposing restrictions on motion pictures into the Republican government's latest sex crime bill, according to The Hollywood Reporter's Brooks Boliek.

And Sessions' chief of staff, Guy Harrison, tells the Sleuth there was no nudity at the fundraiser at all, just good old fashioned burlesque.

"It was as racey as a 1940's movie," Harrison assured us.Still, it's probably a good thing that Sessions was given his "true blue" award from the Christian conservative Family Research Council and Focus on the Family organizations before holding his burlesque fundraiser. Sessions' PAC, called People of Enterprise, Trade and Economic Growth, paid ,378 to rent out the entire Forty Deuce club last year, according to federal election records.(Instead of going burlesque, Sessions held his PAC's annual Vegas fundraiser this year at the 40/40 sports lounge owned by hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.) Sessions himself has been known to have an exhibitionist streak -- streak being the operative word.It is pure censorship and, unless studios want to make pictures for popes and ayatollahs, Hollywood ought to hit back hard, fast and oftenworking the phones, canceling campaign checks and taking actionand they ought to do so on principle.At stake are individual rightsabsolute, 100 percent inalienable rightsthe freedom to think, create and consume without government intervention.Boliek's important article, which correctly describes the new dictate as "chilling," points out that this law would be unenforceable, and, while that is true, it is not grounds for a fundamental opposition.