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Some of these use compression to tighten the appearance of the rear, while others round your bottom with padding or special lifting bands for a more curvaceous look.

And of course, many of the garments shown here also shape your midsection to help you get that desirable hourglass figure.

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Hi Joan, HI katzenjammer, Hi ECB, Hi Pussigato, Hi Moonshadow, Hi Kittyzee, Hi Jeankit.I know all of you won’t remember me but I really have missed you’all so much.Email me if you would like to cam together (5k cb followers min, more is better, very rare exceptions may be made) or you would like to shoot portfolio work and a few images or videos I can sell commercially (I suck at sales, so I'm not making a mint from any of it) LONDON/AMSTERDAM - same.I would love to spend NYE with you, but looking to at least book april/may 2018 travel dates now while they are dirt cheap.Our collection of butt enhancing shapewear includes a variety of butt lift panties, jeans, boyshorts, leggings and other items designed to accentuate and shape your bottom.

These products are designed to be worn underneath your favorite garments to help you achieve that sexy figure you’ve always wanted.TRAVEL NOTICES (no, I won't play with you unless you are bi and work in the industry): NYC/NJ - Oct or Nov if I can swing the flight/drive.I have an artist friend that's very ill I'd really like to finally meet in person.Very, very sorry all; I don’t at all mean to sound down; I’m not, just tired.Thanks to everyone again for the great posts today—and everyday!Look stunning in jeans, leggings, dresses or other outfits.