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After hitting up Golden Plains, WOMADelaide, and regional venues all across Australia, they still somehow had enough energy left to play a truly sensational set at Factory Theatre in Sydney on Monday night.

A: With cashless at Bonnaroo, there is no need to load any money onto or “top up” your wristband as you might have experienced at some other events.When you register for the cashless option on your wristband you will securely link your credit or debit card with the wristband.In the text Cam added a link to a website that wrote about Budden’s claim that he’d fight the Dipset boss and wrote, “U can try to fuck me up now if u want.. Photos by Josh Groom Despite selling out an Australian tour only a year ago, Violent Femmes returned to Sydney for their most extensive tour since 2005.Dreamville is proud to announce the debut project from the label’s latest signee, J. The highly anticipated project was released via Dreamville Records and Roc Nation.

The 10-track LP arrives on the anniversary of his third project, “2014 Forest Hills Drive”.

That being said, we still recommend bringing cash and/or a card with you as a few food vendors, roaming food/drink carts, and craft merchants might not accept cashless.

Q: Will I be able to pay for crafts and craft vendors with my wristband? Some craft vendors will accept cashless as a form of payment and a some will not. Specific locations will be notated in the Bonnaroo mobile app.

“Dog, when he said, ‘You told me you wasn’t doin’ nothing with Byrd Gang, so I copyrighted it,’ I would’ve fucked him up, immediately! “I’m fucking you up, I don’t care if you’re my brother.

I don’t understand that.” Predictably, Cam’ron responded with humor and a healthy dose of dismissiveness, screenshotting a text message he sent to the “Pump It Up” rapper and putting it up on his Instagram briefly before taking it down. Cause he ain’t gonna open my Dm…Despite what people think..

Unfortunately it has major flaws, some of which I only realized recently.